List of best Online Shops in UK

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Participating in medical trials can be a very rewarding experience as you get the chance to help so many people and also be paid for your time and inconvenience. Clinical, drug trials as they are also known are the safest and most effective way to bring new medications to the market place. Click on the banners below to view medical studies which may suit you or visit the BioTrax web site at to learn how to increase your opportunities through the most comprehensive medical trials recruitment service on the internet.

This will include many non invasive research activities for those of you who are not ready to face the challenges of testing new or existing treatments. Whatever you may be interested in BioTrax insures you will always be provided with personalised attention based on your eligibility and be provided with all the unbiased information you need to make that all important decision. There is a chance for everybody to help at BioTrax.

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