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We are professional manufacturer and supplier of animal hair and animal hair further products. Qiandong Livestock Plant have more than 20years experience to extract the horse tail hair and cattle tail hair,we combed the horse tail hair as stringed instrument bow hair. Our animal extract hair are widely applied in many fields,such as painting brush, Industrial cleaning brush, Cosmetic brush, Shaving brush, Instrument Bow hair, Woven lining cloth, Craft material and so on. It wins great reputations by its outstanding quality with best value. Product name  Cow tail hair,Ox  and cattle tail hair Color: White,black,gray,brown and mixed
Sizes 4″-5″ , 6″-8″, 9″-12″, 13″-15″, 16″-17″, 18″-21″ Shipping: express,THT,DHL,UPS,FEDEX
Packaging 25kg/carton

Contact Person Name trish
Phone Number 07537185899