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Female Congo African Grey Parrot

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We’re rehoming our 5yr female Congo African Grey Parrot, Sassy. We got
her as a baby before she even had pin feathers and hand fed her.

Sassy talks very well and has a wide vocabulary of sounds, words, and
phrases. She loves whistling and talking about herself in the 3rd person

She’s very friendly and isn’t picky between men and women but does favor
women for sure and can be nervous around new people. She doesn’t bite
generally but if they don’t want to be held or messed with, she will nip
in self defense which is understandable. She’s been around our sons who
are now 9 and 12 without issue.

Before contacts us asking if they’re good with children, think for a
second… These birds are not children’s pets or play toys. This will
automatically nullify any chance of us rehoming either to you. 

She’s been raised with our dogs ranging in size between great danes to a
pitbull mix without issues. She has never been interested in the dogs
or the dogs the her.

We don’t keep Sassy in her cage minus at night or if we’re gone extended
amounts of time (for her safety). When we are gone, the TV stays on for
entertainment. She is used to being out of her cage the majority of the
time and would like to find a home where this won’t change. Sassy
doesn’t try to fly much.

Sassy is on a pellet diet along with fruits and veggies and scrambled
eggs once a week. She loves pistachios, bananas and apples and will ask
for them all the time.

She does not pluck and is in perfect feather with no health issues. 

The only reason we’re rehoming her is because my wife and I have both
been working crazy hours and haven’t had much time to do much with her
which means she haven’t had much out of cage time and that’s isn’t fair
to her whatsoever. She’s used to being free and constantly having
someone around to socialize with.

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